Building Champions Beyond the Ring


To utilize the sport of boxing to provide a safe and productive environment for youth to build confidence, learn discipline, improve self-esteem, lead healthy lifestyles, and improve cognitive skills for academic achievement. 


To cultivate the promise and potential of future leaders encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles with physical fitness, healthy eating habits, and smart decision-making to become champions in and out the ring.


The Need We Serve

First, it functions as a educational and recreational after-school program for NewYork City youth that balances supervised, recreational activity with educational and mentoring services. 

Secondly, Boxer Inc provides free boxing instruction to youth from low and moderate-income households who may otherwise be left unsupervised. A 2014 Research Works survey found that 81% of children who participated in an after school program said it helped them to become more interested in school, and 87% agreed that after school programs helped to keep them out of trouble.  In New York State, 20% of K-12 youth are responsible for taking care of themselves after school. 

BOXER, Inc. is a much-needed solution. It was found by the Afterschool Alliance that of all New York children who are not currently enrolled in after school, 49% (1,151,361) would be likely to participate if a program were available in their community. Free neighborhood recreational facilities were more common in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s, but many of those establishments have since closed or transformed into for-profit entities whose services have become too cost-prohibitive for residents. Boxer Inc. provides free, high quality recreational services for New York City youth who would otherwise lack the financial means to utilize such a program.

Finally, Boxer Inc.’s programming provides constructive activities for otherwise idle youth. Our programming provides much needed after-school care for children who were often unsupervised after school.